Sunday, January 17, 2010

I went up to NY and did a big shoot with Aeirc Meredith-Goujon that involved being play pierced. Though that was a pain and a fucking half. Not only did it hurt but it hurt like a bitch and I may never do it again.

Sometimes I like to engage in the side of life that involves lots of scandal "gaspers" but it's not something I do frequently. I'm not a naked model though there is NOTHING wrong with the ladies and gents who are.

The getting pierced. Yes, ouch, it hurt. I lie to you not. It hurt. A lot. I hate when people go "needles don't hurt" because needles HURT. They are NEEDLES under your SKIN.
That and I had a bit of a scuffle with the girl doing the needles. She's a dominatrix named Sade so she misinterpreted my pain. In my case, pain means "that fucking hurts" not "oh yeah baby, lemme have it" no, not at all. So we had to have a discussion about that.

Putting my makeup on.

Aeric had a ring light hanging up that I was just dying to play with so he indulged me in my habit of touching shiny things.

Eventually we got around to actually shooting some stuff so here.

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