Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've finally arrived back home after my week in Ohio and it was quite a week.

I spent a ton of time with Audrey and Sarah, two of my most intimate friends in the world. It makes me realize exactly how much we need to cherish the friends that we have in our lives. Treat them as equals, treat them as the sisters and brothers who finally began to appear in our lives to hold us up and keep us tight in their thoughts. Our friends, our best friends, are the ones who are going to bear us when the weight of our problems becomes something that we need more than just a mom and dad for.

I bought some new shoot-like clothes while I was out there, one outfit which I'll wear tomorrow for my next shoot. I'm psyched to finally wear something black and white, I've been such a color burst and this outfit reminds me of pin-up, of something epically different.

So! Whose excited this week? Why?

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