Thursday, December 31, 2009

I just had a photoshoot the other day with the fabulously talented Laura Dark Photography. I'm lucky enough to say that my hair stylist was Acid Poptart Productions because she is a mistress of hair and attitude and my makeup was done by the fun and super sweet Mary Kelley. I had a really, really great time while Audrey and Sarah laughed it up in the next room.

This is the first look that we all did and let me tell you, sitting still for that long was quite torturous. My extensions were a hot mess and Acid kept telling me how bad of condition that my hair was in...which it is. Sarah and I hacked them out of my hair right afterwards because they were itching and I finally got to wash my hair properly.
My skin looked totally amazing and those lashes were epic!

That's the first look in action! Pony boots courtesy of Acid as well. The dress was custom-made for me by Slyx latex and let me just say it looked great, fit me like a glove.

This is the second look we did. Acid was running off somewhere so Mary and Laura managed to finangle me this second look with wardrobe provided by Sisters of the Moon D, though the full outfit doesn't have pics yet, they're sure to be epic and great!
The beaded hairpiece and totally vintage and took like 40 pins to hold in place, my head hurt so much!

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