Friday, December 25, 2009

I woke up today and discovered that my acrylic was gone from my right index finger. No big deal because I can fix that later on.

Headed downstairs for presents and let me say, I have a generous little brother. I already shared the story so I'm going to do a copy paste.
Happy Christmas!

I've shared this story before but you get to hear it again.

My brother and I are the only kids in the family. I'm 20, he's 15. I'm the musician, he's the athlete. My brother plays a wicked goalie and makes amazing layups in basketball, he's really good for his age.

That's him with the ball. The picture was taken the same game that resulted in his shoulder dislocating for the second time in a year.

On Monday, my brother had some extensive shoulder surgery. He'll never be able to play basketball again, he'll have to switch positions as soccer goalie to something on the field despite 5 years of goalie training. Needlessly saying, he was completely devastated and has been on bedrest all week.

Today while we were unwrapping presents, he got up and gave me one, which surprised me because he's been on bedrest for days. It was a copy of Lady GaGa's [i]The Fame Monster[/i] that he made my mom take him to the mall for. They waited in line for an hour, despite him being on pain pills, and then she helped him wrap it up for me.

My brother's got the biggest heart in the world.

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