Monday, December 28, 2009

It's freezing out here in Ohio and it just started to snow. Blahhh so cold!

I went yesterday to shoot with Gas Oven out in Cincinnati and it was pretty fun. I got to wear the most glorious dress by KMKDesigns and it was amazingly lolita, I can't even describe it. I can describe just how cold it was outside as we were walking through Spring Grove Cemetery.

There were some pretty epic mausoleums and grave-markers in that place. I can only begin to imagine just how much it costs someone to afford one of those in this day and age. I think that 10 of us should pitch in to have an amazing mausoleum for our resting places. I mean we'd have to be cremated to fit but I think it'd be cool, huh?

Talk about my shooting with Laura Dark tomorrow!

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