Friday, December 18, 2009

There's days I go back and read about my life and wonder how I got to this point.

I went from being just about the ugliest person in all my schools to a semblance of a somewhat glamorous person so I'm going to take this time to reflect on the differences.

I started to do my hair and makeup and my nails. I walked taller, wore clothes I really liked wearing. I changed as a person. So here's what I'm going to do with my blog. I'm going to blog about what I wear, what I did with hair/makeup per day. I'm giving myself a year to give people strange little tips from my own mind.

I'm no expert, I'm no fashion guru. I have bizarre style but I have my own style in my own way so let's start with today.

I straightened my hair this morning, one of those efforts that just leaves my shoulders in pain and my wrists aching. Not to mention leaving me to nurse several burnt fingers from the plates or the steam on that blasted thing. But I've found that sometimes letting your hair do it's natural thing is just not the best thing in the world to do because, well, sometimes it wants to be too natural. So the battle with the hair iron had to ensue.
For anyone wondering, I use a Remington Wet2Straight, though I discourage from using the thing on wet hair. I'll explain later.

Then comes the agonizing over the closet. I figure my choices are, by this time, somewhat limited to jeans or colorful skinny jeans. Since I'm feeling in a neon mood, I grabbed the loudest pair I have, lime green with checkers, and a sports bra because today is for comfort. I figure I'll wear high-top boots to stop my feet from freezing the best I can so it's time to choose a shirt.

I have an entire laundry basket full of jackets so I'll take one on my way out but standing here and looking through the plethora of t-shirts I have isn't making my life easier. It's become a toss up between the purple Harajuku Lovers and the black Lady GaGa shirt. But in the favor of color, my beloved GaGa must remain on her hanger this morning.

Red Soda high-tops with a dragon embroidered on the sides. So glad I swapped for these, they were a wise investment. I use the same purse for eons at a time so that won't change today, the black Juicy Couture bowling bag is here to stay, though I do have to question the reason I own so many designer bags. Not like the labels mean much to me, anyways, in favor of style.

Well, that's it. I'm dressed to go.

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