Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My mom gave me Julia Child'sThe Art of Mastering French Cooking for Christmas and I found the most divine recipe for chicken and cream with mushrooms and I cannot wait to start it. I'm so excited for it, I have the recipe bookmarked and everything. I saw it cooked in Julie & Julia and it looked so good I wanted to lick the screen.

I suppose I should start a goal for 2010 and I guess it's to start my novel. So that's what I'll do. Every week try to have at least 10 pages done, that's enough to do over a week I think. Especially with school and work getting in the way of my free time. I also want to shoot more and get my name out there and I know I can't do all that without setting smaller goals, but I figure a small goal is better than no goal.

I also want to get back into shape. I have epic new rollerblades that are just screaming at me for me to use them but it's been so cold and snowy outside I haven't wanted to risk falling quite that much so I guess now's the time to start up using them again, though it's been a minute since I was out with them, especially around in DC. But it's all good.

New work from Laura Dark to be posted tomorrow. Are you all excited?

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